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The University of Queensland provides a variety of resources to assist researchers in identifying potential funding opportunities.Funding opportunities in the Research Bulletin and UQ funding database are sourced from a number of external databases, some of which can be accessed directly by researchers.

This figure does not present all government initiatives that support business innovation and is intended as an indicative analysis only.

The circumstances and process of this implementation are briefly described in the present case-study. The single-party dispensation remained in place until the early nineteen nineties when, like many countries of Eastern Europe and Africa in a quest for truly democratic governance, Cameroon re-introduced a multiparty political system.

Cameroon’s election management body, Elections Cameroon, will soon release a more detailed report on this exercise. During the more than two decades of one-party rule, elections had become a mere formality as all competing candidates were nominated by the same political party and voters were not offered a choice between different political agendas as such.

Being a government department, under the tight control of the ruling party, it was considered by opposition party officials as biased and untrustworthy.

It was even popularly believed that election results were determined before voters actually went to the polls.

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