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Lloyds TSB said whether it takes this risk is ultimately a lending decision.

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I presented the draft along with the associated paperwork at a branch of Lloyds TSB.We have started using credit scoring for small business and some consumer loans.Reg B requires that we "validate" the scoring system (which is the credit reporting agency's FICO system). The Reg only requires validation if you want your system to qualify as an " empirically derived, demonstrably and statistically sound, credit scoring system." Meeting this standard has a single benefityou can assign a score value to the applicant's age.If possible, ask for the payment to be made using and electronic bank-to-bank link.More on electronic bank-to-bank links Payment by negotiation can only be used if the draft or cheque is in the local currency of the country on which it is drawn (for example, US dollars payable in the US).

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