Updating gridview in asp net 2 0 10 tips for dating a korean

Hi there, i want to update my Data Source of the Rad Grid with the Rebind-Method in a Button_Click-Event. Here my Grid: Hi, The Need Data Source event will fire for the first time and the Radgrid will get populated. so actually the grid should be updated or do i missing something?In the Need Data Source i update the Data Source properly but the new Data Source is not shown in my Grid. In your code on button click, you are calling Rebind() method which will again invoke Need Data Source event and populate the Rad Grid with the Same data... row for sorting or change row position order of Gridview control with j Query in c#.

But their a twist we are able to drag-drop and reorder the rows but not saving the changed rows ordering update database.

open visual studio – In above screen we can see, there are five column in User Mst Table in sql.

The first column is ID which is identification of user, so it must be unique.

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