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Loprete, The Class of 201 1 would like to express our gratitude for all that you have done to make these past fours years so memorable. Mr Bernard, you are always positive and this shows your sincere dedication to your job and your students. Nifeole Nicosia Meghan O'Brien Melissa O'Donnell Alexander Okscin Jilliao O'leary Katherine O'Neill Rachel O'Rourke Amanda Paee David Pace Leah Paiva Gary Paolucci Julian Paone Kate Pappas Michael Pappas Kevin Pawlak Kasey Peluso Jennifer Pi scitello Jillian Plourde Sabrina Ponte Joseph Prince Peter Psallidas Alissa Quaratiello Marisa Quarti Jennifer Rapioppi Tarah Reilly Tyler Reiss Michelle Rikeman Nicole Roberts Rachel Roberts Cody Rogers Kaylie Rogers Ellen Rollfs Delaney Row Timothy Russell Mellisa Rychwa Hayley Sabella Ryan Sanborn Emma Santosuosso Michael Savarese Caitlyn Arnold Taylor Aspeslagh Ryan Barrows Michael Bitto . 978-664-841 9 20 1 1 NATIONAL TILE Visit Our Website Ceramic Tile from Around the World also Marble, Tumbled Marble, Granite, Limestone, and Slate 330 Main St. Reading, MA 01864 Tel (978) 664-3165 Fax (978) 664-8653 Harry Gresek N. Class of 1965 Lobster Claw Seafood Main Street North Reading, MA 978 - 664-6349 Congratulations Class of 2011! Samir Hussein/Wirelmage To promote healthy family habits, First Lady Michelle Obama appears in multimedia Public Service Announcements with Disney Channel stars for Disney Magic of Healthy Living. senator asks the government to investigate when reusable grocery bags sold by a Florida supermarket chain contain harmfully high levels of lead. Heller/Getty Images TOMS Shoes, which donates one pair to a child in need for every pair sold, becomes a philanthropic fashion phenomenon.

You both have made North Reading High School an enjoyable place for these important years. You greet us every morning with a smile, even when it's below zero out. Scott Mc Donough Samantha Mc Garry Paul Lagrandeur Keanna Larnont John Landy Jake Laroche Katherine Lasdin Brian Lee Eleanor Levenson Keith Linnane Conor Lonsdale Jack Maccario Jennifer Macneil Edward Madden Scott Mc Grath Gabrielle Mc Nall Nicole Mc Neil Corbin Miedico Merissa Milano William Mitchell Christopher Morgan Morgan Moyette Emily Murray Marissa Neal Nicole Nelson Ryan Newhall 61 **■*'*. Residential and Commercial Real Estate Sell North 978 - 664-3000 129 Congratulations Devin and Kara and All 201 1 Graduates 978-664-1660 149 North Street • North Reading, MA 01864 Provision After protests in favor of democracy peaked in the streets of Cairo, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek steps down.

East Hall, the East Cam- pus Commons, the Adrian Tinsley Center, and the clock tower pavilion were all completed during your time here; so, too, were the renovation of Harrington Hall and the electronic modernization of our many classrooms. Lincoln Plymouth, MA Lili Liu Everett, MA Kaitlyn B. Martin East Taunton, MA Senior Portraits 45 Jaime L. Matos Quincy, MA Rina Matsunami Gi Pu, Japan Jade J.

Ifou strived for academic excellence and surely had some fun along the way.

Though you may not have realized it at the time, your alma mater was also going through a period of remarkable growth.

Shop at the Eaton Center and relax at Dundas Square; take in a show at the Mirvish Theatre, or visit two magnificent City Halls (one classic, one modern).

There may be crowds, but they're all here for a reason.

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