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King sign national letters of intent to play for U of L. "Now, did one person (Mc Gee) do some scurrilous things? Pitino, declaring himself a "soldier in the army" and willing to accept the decision of U of L's administrators to implement the ban, said delivering the news to his players was one of the most painful moments of his career. 12, 2015: Powell’s lawyer confirms she will speak with the NCAA enforcement staff. 1, 2016: During a routine press conference to discuss the start of ACC play, Pitino changes the subject back to the NCAA investigation for the first time in weeks and defends the program's reputation. 19 nationally and features two dynamic graduate transfers Damion Lee and Trey Lewis, who had come to the team for this year only largely for a chance to play in the NCAA Tournament.Excavive Coaching & Consulting is a personal development practice in Louisville that helps people become a better version of themselves and “start living an amazingly authentic life.” The service welcomes busy workers, business owners, stay-at-home parents, senior citizens, students, and other individuals, and some of the programs are life coaching, creative and entrepreneurial consulting, leadership training, and interactive workshops.Excavive Coaching & Consulting has published the e Guide, “Be Who You Are: Six Ways To Excavate Yourself” by Jennifer M.Blair, and clients can get this for free if they submit their e-mail address through the company’s secure online subscription form.HQ: Happiness Headquarters is a provider of life coaches in Louisville.

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Even worse, tone-deaf Louisville AD Tom Jurich should be ashamed of himself for the embarrassing original statement he put out in which he said that, yes, Louisville's coaching staff received the Wakeyleaks but, um, they didn't really use them.

When Dave Clawson was hired for the 2014 season, he decided not to retain Elrod, who transitioned to the radio booth and was given complete access to Wake Forest practices and facilities.

His attorney has yet to comment on the investigation.

Here's hoping the Atlantic Coast Conference hammers Louisville for its latest dirtball move — willingly accepting the ill-gotten intel provided to Wake Forest opponents by the team's traitorous radio broadcaster Tommy Elrod, who just happens to be a former Winter Park High quarterback.

Bottom line: If you would stoop so low as to cheat in order to gain a competitive advantage on poor little Wake Forest, then you should be hit with the full force of the ACC's administrative hammer.

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