Intimidating questions to ask a guy

Asking a girl out – The shy guy’s guide Firstly, bide your time.

Play a sweet little waiting game, and like a cat waiting for the mice to come out and play, wait.

With our sixty easy-to-remember questions, you won’t have to worry about being lost for words any more- just try not to blurt them out all at once unless you want some very weird looks indeed…1. This is an obvious one, but one that has the potential to turn into a really interesting, full-blown conversation. Find out who their’s is, and watch the nostalgia fly.7. This one is a real head-scratcher for some people, as we often focus on how other people view us and what they make of us instead of how we feel about ourselves.12. This one should provoke a few cringes as everyone tries to pinpoint their most irritating, silly, or plain childish habit-being late all the time, picking at food, making terrible jokes…13. Again, this is a question meant to make people feel grateful for what they have now. What one song were you obsessed with as a teenager?

If they hate their job, you’ve got something to complain about, and if they love it you can get some real conversation about why it’s their dream career.2. This is great if you chatting to new workmates or college companions, as you might be able to find someone who’s lived there a while and knows all the cool hangouts and the places with the cheapest beers- never underestimate.3. Talking about colleges is seen as the reserve of people who have nothing left to talk about, but sharing college experiences can be interesting- find out whether they loved it, hated it, or any combination of the above. Hair disasters are part of everyone’s life experience, whether it’s hacking off your locks with scissors when you’re ten or going for an ill-advised bob at twenty…14. Most people have a small fascination with at least one academic subject, one that they’ve probably toyed with studying on a deeper level before. It might be something seriously angsty and moody to reflect their goth stage, or it might be something bubblegum and pop to show off their party-girl/boy style- but their defining teenage song will say a lot about them.26. Whether they’d want to pick up something handy, like woodwork or DIY, or learn how to make clothes or play an instrument, this is a good way to suss their priorities.29. Would they prefer to hang around with the cast of Cheers, or are they more into Mc Clarens from How I Met Your Mother? If they had half an hour to spare, what would be there ideal way to fill that time?

I’ve been seeing this guy who I really like for about two weeks now.

He really is the perfect guy and has everything I want in a guy.

But there’s a big chance that she may spurn your advances.

Really, she doesn’t even know you, and she wouldn’t really appreciate the fact that a total stranger is trying to pick her up at work or on a lonely street.

What do you say to them once you’d actually got them on their own? This can be very revealing- do they want intellectual chat or a good flirt? What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done? What you’re asking, basically, is which song they were looking out of a window and listening to on the bus this morning, thinking “this is totally about me”.48. Maybe they’re a really good dancer and you’re going to be put to shame, or perhaps they rock seriously old-school, terrible moves that you can get down with.49. Do they rock it with strawberry and cream, or go old-school with plain chocolate? Maybe they’ve got more of a sweet tooth and would go for chocolate over chips; either way, find out what’s top of their shopping list after a hard day at the offce.52. Prepare to be jealous at their ability to party up late, or get to work on time, depending on their answer. You’ll be surprised at how obscure these answers can get thanks to those weird range of things that tickle people, as they giggle their way through what particular scenes had them rolling in the aisles.55. Not everyone would jump at the chance to go to space, but everyone has dreamt about flitting off to another world, if only for a bit of peace and quiet.56. It could be anything from The Muppets Movie to The Little Mermaid, but we all have a movie that we saw growing that still has the power to enchant us even today.57. Simple, really: once they name the song, put it on to find out if they’re telling the truth.58. Hopefully they’ll be wearing it for easy identification, but if not you can demand the chance to swoon over it some other time.59. Be nice: don’t use this against them at a later date, no matter how tempting it might be to freak them out in a clown costume.60. Would they consider going back to the bosom of their familial home, and what would be the circumstances that drove them there?I’m trying to stay in control and not text him more than twice a day or nag him on messenger if he doesn’t want to talk for very long. Don’t worry so much about doing things that will appear needy. There’s nothing wrong with being nervous or excited about a guy. But when you believe that you’re not enough for him, or that he will give you something special that you don’t already have within yourself or that he’s the key to your happiness, then that is being in a needy mindset. Another way you can spot the “needy” mindset is when you notice that you’re starting to fear losing him.The only thing is, I’m afraid I’m holding back too much. You can avoid ever being needy when you just make sure to live a full, interesting and engaging life that you love regardless of whether or not you’re in a relationship. I’m going to throw a concept out there that’s going to sound a bit “against the grain” compared to all of the crap you hear from the Hollywood and music industries.Now I’m sure there are people reading this saying, “That’s the whole point of relationships! ” I agree that in a great relationship, you give and you take and you’re there for each other.What I absolutely do not agree with is that there’s some point where you think that you can stop one another.

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