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While you’ve been busy getting ready for that summer vacation, Facebook’s been working hard on some cool updates.

In this June 2017, Facebook introduced some new ad formats, ramped up its battle against clickbait, and it is (finally) giving advertisers more control over their ad placements.

According to a blog article by Facebook: The social network will continue to build the tools advertisers need to make them feel satisfied with the level of transparency and control they have over their ad campaigns.

On May 25, Facebook announced that they’re adding a new full-width ads format for Facebook Audience Network, its mobile advertising network.

This article was first published in the November 2015 issue of WIRED magazine.

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Several of my friends who use Facebook almost every day recently told me how they hate always getting Facebook notifications for dumb games people want them to play, or updates about these games in their home feed.

"It's the one thing people do more than anything else on their phone.

Some people were surprised when I joined Facebook, but it's because I believe that messaging is the next big platform.

Facebook will launch some new tools to provide advertisers more control over their ad placements in Audience Network, Instant Articles and In-Stream Ads.

Over the next few months, the ad network will launch additional controls to let advertisers exclude some ad placements by blocking lists of publishers & apps.

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