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News-writing bots may have faded from hedlines for the time being, but that could be because our industry has found a new futuristic fixation: direct news distribution bots through apps like Quartz, Facebook Messenger and even Slack.It’s a cool premise: download an app and let the news come to you in bite-sized chunks.Curtis was working at XEROX PARC, PARC, which we actually talked about last week in our episode about paper.Now, Lamda MOO is an online community, it’s also called an MUD, which stands for multi-user dungeons.

But the main point of Lamnda MOO, the way that most people used it, was to chat with other players.Studies have shown PWP have problems with conversation initiation, turn-taking, topic management, word- retrieval, and memory [5]. in [1] examined the impact of changes in communication for PWP by conducting in-depth interviews and found emergent themes of frustration due to losing track mid-sentence and indignity and social withdrawal from being excluded from the conversation.While there are many standardized voice, language and cognitive formal assessments, the fluctuating nature of PD means that it is important to monitor performance outside of the clinical environment. Because not everybody even defines artificial intelligence the same way, and there are a ton of different definitions of consciousness.In fact, one of the people we talked to for the episode, In 1990, a guy named Pavel Curtis founded something called Lambda MOO.

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