Dating a mamas boy

Hence when a man loves his mother and has a secure and close relationship with her that means its good news for the wife or girlfriend.But the trouble starts when the relationship is well a little ‘too close' for comfort of the woman.When the woman who rocked your cradle, starts to rule your life, that's when you turn out to be, what is sardonically referred to as a ‘mama's boy'.A mama's boy follows his mother's words as law and often would ask his wife to ‘compromise'.His mother’s word is law and while he may want to make you happy, he often follows his mother’s dictates, whether out of filial duty, a mistaken sense of obligation, or sheer force of habit.Whatever is the background or the motivation, it is a surefire way of putting a spoke in the wheel of a potentially good relationship.So why is it that women just don’t give a fig for mama’s boys? Two is company, three’s a crowd A relationship is about a man and a woman exploring the possibilities of love and togetherness.

It all comes back to that one theory: how a man treats his mom is how he’ll treat you.

This is a scenario where you can expect much of the same from him when it comes to you.

You’re dealing with a guy who was raised to love women, and knows how to show it.

It is often said that you can gauge how a man will treat the woman in his life according to the way he behaves towards his mother.

So when a man is caring and respectful with his mother and has an excellent or even a close relationship with her, it is great news for his wife/girlfriend/partner.

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