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The state guarantees the equality of opportunities between women and men to have access to all levels of responsibility in all domains. Abortion in Tunisia has been legal [since 1973 (UN , para. 2014] Save the Children Sweden, Amal pour la famille et l'enfant (Amal), International Bureau for Children's Rights. Country Profile of Tunisia: A Review of the Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The state works to attain parity between women and men in elected Assemblies. 1.1 Childbirths, Abortions and Births Out of Wedlock A report from a Swedish and Swiss government mission to Tunisia states that childbirth is free of charge in Tunisia (Sweden and Switzerland 24 Jan. According to Profil genre de la Tunisie 2014, a report prepared by the Government of Tunisia and the European Union (EU), nearly 99 percent of childbirths were practiced by qualified individuals in 20 (Tunisia and EU June 2014, 3). 8.)], and is funded by the government (EU 2012, 10; Postdoctoral Researcher 29 Oct. However, according to a report by the European Parliament on gender-related issues in Tunisia, published in 2012, it is "taboo" for single women to have abortions (EU 2012, 10).

They can apply for a licence for their work, although they are subjected to strict monitoring by the morality cops.

According to sources, the January 2014 Constitution of Tunisia brought improvements to women's rights (Human Rights Watch Jan. The wedding stands for the moment the child becomes an adult – moving out of home, starting a family. And it also means carrying a big burden of responsibility.With your family, you can count on it that some- one will always be there to help you – no matter what,” Khalil says.2014; Tunisia and EU June 2014, 2), through the addition of provisions related to discrimination, equality of opportunities in positions of responsibility and gender-based violence (ibid.). "Tunisie: Quand les femmes se retrouvent à la rue." Article 46 of the new constitution states the following: [translation] The state commits to protect women's established rights and works to strengthen and develop those rights. "La Tunisie inaugure son assemblée constituante." [Accessed 19 Nov.

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