Bay area dating service for executives

dating14_050_Marv Su, a 44-year-old vice president of marketing at Vindicia San Mateo has hired professional matchmaker Amy Andersen of Linx Dating LLC.

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Our comprehensive personal consultation is specially designed to facilitate self-reflection at the beginning of our process as a means of enhancing our clients' chances of finding meaningful and lasting relationships.

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Andersen's top clients are tech executives in the Bay Area — founders, CEOs and entrepreneurs — who can afford to shell out between 0,000 and 0,000 for her services.

"The VIP client gives me all access, full autonomy to search the world for the perfect needle in a haystack," Andersen tells "The Filthy Rich Guide." And Andersen is willing to do anything to help her clients find 'the one.' "I've been known to go to Stanford and literally chase after women looking for a potential match," she says.

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