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In this example we will create an simple Signup form as attached in the screenshot below. Edit Text widget in android allows us to enter data in UI like html web forms. Let us create an layout xml file with two Edit Text field one for entering email-id and other for password. He is a thought leader in the fusion of design and mobile technologies.So that we didn't need to reuse same code all over again for each java file (in term of clean code).Unfortunately, I didn't find any example or tutorial for that. And if there is no such technique exist, what are the best practice for input validation? p/s: This thread for find a better way in best practice. Input Validator Helper input Validator Helper = new Input Validator Helper(); String Builder err Msg = new String Builder("Unable to save.

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I am new to android mobile development (Android Studio native development - for new knowledge).We need to prevent a user from key in a wrong input into the text field.So here is my question, From my point of view personally, it should have a way to implement the technique.I'm using On Focus Change Listeners to trigger the validation after the user types into each one, but this doesn't behave as desired for the last Edit Text. But when we have considerable amount of elements on screen which need validation, toasts don't seem to be the correct choice.(IMHO, It would annoy the user) I have been experimenting with Text Error() (…If I click on the "Done" button while typing into the final Edit Text then the Input Method is disconnected, but technically focus is never lost on the Edit Text (and so validation never occurs). Should I be monitoring when the Input Method unbinds from each Edit Text rather than when focus changes? That's exactly what I want: for the text to be verified when the user clicks the Done button (by Done button I mean the "Done" button on the QWERTY Input Manager... Except that when I hit the Done button, focus stays on the last element in the form, and my validation method is never triggered. In order to reduce the verbosity of the validation logic I have authored a library for Android.

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