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Some men seem to defy nature and cheat the hands of time.As everyone else goes geriatric with sagging skin and patchy hair, these guys seem to improve with age like a fine wine.Perhaps that’s how Daniel Craig played a James Bond who was both smart and shredded.It may take a little more than a jog on the treadmill to get a buff body like Craig, and at age 41, he could give any 20-something a run for their money.We treat your donors how we would like to be treated.

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We know that your organization’s mission and goals are quite unique.Check out Ep.74 of The Dating Advice Girl Radio Show, the Valentine’s Day Gift episode where Exec Producer of ABC’s Modern Family, Dan O’Shannon and I try out and talk about all of these gifts on the air! Listen on i Tunes And if the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then bacon is THE best gift to give this Valentine’s Day!We sell 36 varieties of gourmet bacon, and Valentine’s Day-themed bacon gift bundles.But they aren’t cyborgs or gatekeepers to a secret fountain of youth. Sure, science plays a role in continuing to look great as the years pass, but fighting Father Time is also an art.These men are worth more than a passing glance because a quick study of their grooming habits may just teach you a thing or two about how to become an ageless man.

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